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    Curl comb

    Are your curls no longer the way you'd like them to be? And are you looking for a handy tool to style your beautiful hair? Then the curl comb is the perfect solution. This is a coarsely built comb that allows you to shape your hair beautifully. It also provides the perfect care and prevents curls from frizzing or breaking off. With the curl comb, you get the best out of your curls. Want to know the added value of this tool? Or are you curious about our coarse comb for curls? You can find it on this page.

    What is a curl comb?

    A curl comb is an indispensable tool for anyone with curls. This type of comb is specially designed to handle the unique challenges of curly hair. Unlike ordinary combs, a curl comb has wider teeth, which are evenly distributed. As a result, curls glide smoothly between the teeth and you can style your hair without the comb getting stuck or damaging the hair. Also, the comb is made of flexible material. This allows you to shape your hair more easily and they are less likely to break off.

    The value of a curl comb

    With the curl comb, you can detangle and style your beautiful locks. The wide teeth and even spacing of the comb's teeth ensure that your curls won't break or frizz. Instead, using a coarse comb for curls helps shape your beautiful curls to the right look. This way, you gently remove tangles from your hair and give more shape to your hairstyle. The effective tool will also help you maintain your beautiful and healthy curls. Whether you have tight curls or loose waves, a comb for curls can help you get the style you want. It is therefore an indispensable tool.

    The curl comb from Curls Control

    The professional hairdressing comb from Curls Control is a real asset for any curly person. The curling comb meets all the quality requirements of a professional hairstylist and is therefore highly recommended. The special variant from our range is infused with nourishing ingredients, such as keratin, protein, olive and argan oil. These substances nourish the hair and ensure that curls are not damaged. This curl comb is very light and sits nicely in the hand. Also, the long, coarse teeth are perpendicular to the comb, so you glide through the curls effortlessly. Although our curl comb from Phuse is very caring and suitable for curly hair, our advice is never to comb your hair dry. When you do, it immediately creates a lot of frizz and can break your beautiful locks. So wet your hair thoroughly and only comb after you have applied the Moisturizer from our range. 

    Trusted shopping at Curls Control

    Do you choose to buy your curl comb at Curls Control? Then you can be sure of real quality. With years of experience, we know how our products work. To provide your hair with the perfect care, we have created our own product line. Most other hair care products do not provide the right care or contain ingredients that can lead to build-up. With the right products, your curls will get the bounce and radiance you are looking for. Order your curl comb and other caring hair products today. Do you do this on weekdays before 16:30? Then they will be shipped the same day! You can also visit one of our points of sale for the best products. 

    Personal advice

    Do you have any questions about our curl comb? Or would you like to receive personal advice on the right choice of product? Feel free to let us know! We will be happy to help you in your search. You can reach us by calling +31651159365 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We will do our utmost to help you as soon as possible.