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    Curl cream

    As a curly person, do you want to give your locks total care? Then curl cream should definitely not be missed. It is the perfect solution for curly hair. The cream offers hydration and definition, for naturally resilient curls. In addition, enjoy soft and definable curls by tackling frizzy locks. With the moisturising properties of the curl cream, you will keep your curls healthy and vibrant. Say goodbye to lifeless locks and choose beautiful and radiant curls today with the best curl cream from Curls Control.

    What is a curl cream?

    The unique thing about our curl cream is that it is tailor-made for curly hair. The moisturising ingredients embrace and respect its unique texture. This brings significantly better definition and bounce to your locks. Our product contains a rich blend of natural oils that penetrate deep into the hair to nourish from within.

    In addition, the curl cream is completely free of harmful additives. Do you choose Curls Control's curl cream? Then you can be sure it is completely free of silicones, parabens, drying alcohols and aggravating ingredients. This will keep your curls lightweight and give them the perfect care they deserve!

    Unique benefits for your hair care routine

    Discover the plethora of benefits curl cream has to offer. The product forms an essential part of your routine, combining unique features to transform your curly hair. From hydration to definition, discover how this cream brings your curls to life. We are happy to sum up the unique benefits of our curl cream for you:

    • Defines and strengthens the curl
    • Adds a natural shine
    • Protects against heat
    • Reduces frizz
    • Does not feel sticky, hard or greasy
    • Balance of fresh, spicy and vibrant fragrance
    • Free from harmful and aggravating ingredients
    • Conforms to the Curly Girl Method

    Applying your curl cream

    Want to get the most out of your new addition? Then it is important to use the product according to precise instructions for use. After using the Cleanser and Moisturiser, apply the curl cream to damp hair. Start at the ends of your locks and work up towards the scalp. Crunch, comb through and thoroughly knead the product into your curls.

    Ensure even coverage and spread the cream well. Exactly how much product do you need? That depends entirely on your curl type, the health of your hair and the amount and length of your locks. Frizzy and dry hair can use more nourishing cream. Experiment with curl cream and find out what works best for you. Add this step to your routine for beautiful, shiny curls.

    Order your curl cream at Curls Control

    At Curls Control, you are guaranteed the ultimate care for your curls. Our exclusive product range is completely tailored to curly hair and fits seamlessly within the Curly Girl Method. This does not only apply to our Curl Cream. Every product in our range is free of harmful substances and specially designed to embrace your curls. From healthy ingredients to beautiful results, we offer the perfect hair care.

    Need advice on our curl cream or our other hair care products and accessories? Visit a CC1 curl cutting salon near you for professional advice or an expert cut. Order your curl cream easily and quickly online. Do you do this before 16:30? Then we will ship all your products today. Experience the power of our products for yourself and order now at Curls Control.