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  • Plopping curls: the drying technique for resilient curls

    01 / Jun / 2023

    Plopping curls: the drying technique for resilient curls

    Style your curls undisturbed and focus on other tasks? Plopping curls is the perfect way | Simple implementation

    Plopping curls: the drying technique for resilient curls

    Your beautiful curly hair is part of who you are. Only, styling it can sometimes be a big challenge. How can you get your curls into shape without using heat or styling tools? The answer is simple: plopping curls! This technique is gaining more and more popularity. And for good reason. It is a great drying technique for beautifully defined curls. It also helps to reduce frizz and add more volume. And all without damaging your hair. Plopping curls for healthy hair is super easy! Want to know more about this technique? You can read about it in this blog!

    What is tucking curls?

    Simply put, plopping is a special drying technique. This technique is meant to get excess water out of your hair after washing. What is special about plopping curls is that this drying technique allows you to define your curls undisturbed. Simply wrap your wet hair up in a cotton shirt or hydrophilic cloth and you can do whatever you want! For example, focus on your clothes, make-up, breakfast or laundry instead of styling. You can even plop your curls before bed and wake up with resilient curls.

    Advantages of tucking curls

    Styling your hair can be done in several ways. So why choose the method of plopping curls? Here are the benefits of this drying technique:

    • Defines resilient curls
    • Retains moisture balance
    • Easy to perform
    • Time-saving
    • Prevents frizz
    • Saves high purchase costs
    • No heat or styling tools needed
    • Prevents heat damage

    Steps to plopping curls

    Now that you know more about the technique, there's no denying the benefits. Want to crimp your curls yourself? And want to experience what the drying technique does for your hair? With these steps, you can easily and quickly crimp your curls yourself:

    1. Wash your hair: First, clean your hair according to the Curly Girl method. This is best done with a sulphate-free shampoo , mild cleansing Cleanser and then our moisturising conditioner. This will keep your curls soft and moisturised. Then gently pat your hair dry with a hydrophilic towel. This will remove excess water.
    2. Apply conditioning hair products: Next, apply the products you normally use for styling your hair. For example, use a leave-in conditioner , a curl enhancing cream to condition your hair. Next, comb your hair with a curl comb to detangle your hair. This tool will protect your hair from breakage and frizz.
    3. Grab a cotton shirt or cloth: After washing and conditioning your hair, you can now plop your curls. Grab a soft cotton shirt or cloth from the closet. Make sure it is big enough to wrap all the way around your hair. Then place it on a flat surface. Use a surface at hip and chest height to avoid hurting your back or neck.
    4. Wrap up the shirt or cloth: Bend over and place your hair in the middle of the cotton fabric. Spread your locks evenly on the hydrophilic cloth. Then grab the ends of the shirt or cloth and gently wrap it up. Make a knot or use a rubber band, for example, to tie it together. This will keep the cotton fabric in place.
    5. Let your hair dry: Now let your hair dry completely before removing the shirt or cloth. How long you should leave the shirt or cloth in place depends on the thickness and length of your hair. Check if your hair is completely dry. Is it? Then remove the shirt or cloth and gently shake out your curls.

    Want to know more about plopping curls?

    Can't quite master the technique? And would you like to receive personal advice? We will gladly help you! With years of experience, we understand how best to care for and style your curls. Stop by one of our points of sale for more information on the technique or to purchase appropriate care products. Of course, you can also go there for a professional haircut. The certified hairstylist will be happy to tell you more about crimping curls.

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