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  • Sun, sea, beach and curls

    01 / Jun / 2023

    Sun, sea, beach and curls

    Look back through your holiday photos from the past few years. In how many photos are you standing with beautiful curls and are you in a photo at all?

    Look back through your holiday photos from the past few years. In how many photos are you standing with beautiful curls and are you in any photo at all? We, together with Curls Control products, are going to change that.

    What do the sun and heat do to your curls? Does your top layer in particular get frizzy?


    Actually quite logical. The top suffers the most. When we wear our curls loose, the top layer is open and exposed, so the sun can get to it very well. You can almost see the moisture evaporate from your hair and your curls become dry. Therefore, it is quite logical for you to start giving your curls more moisture and nourishment. This is a MUST, especially on holiday and in the summer months.

    Preparation: Start with extra care at home.

    Deeptreatment: Give your curls a treatment with a conditioning boost. Wash your curls with the cleanser, important to rinse it well!!!

    In damp hair, apply the moisturiser, a little more than usual, wrap the hydrofoil towel around your head and let it soak in for a fine hour. Your curls are now well nourished by the organic herbs and conditioning ingredients. Rinse out, add curl cream and dry according to your own routine. You could repeat this over the holidays. Just as you take great care of your body after sunbathing, take good care of your curls too!

    Moisturiser: 4 in 1

    One of the secrets to a healthy bunch of curls is preventing hair from exploding (frizzing). Lint means nothing less than that your curls are screaming for moisture and nourishment. By misting the self-made product on your hair every day with the diffuser, you prevent frizz. So give your curls moisture and nourishment to keep them healthy and prevent them from breaking down and also prevent a dry scalp. A good Moisturiser contains herbs, Aloe Vera and oils and Curls Control's Moisturiser offers all that. It has a variety of uses:

    • Deep Treatment to give your curls an extra care boost.
    • Self-made product: You make this in the atomiser. Cover bottom with Moisturiser, layer with hot water, shake well, top up to 3/4 with lukewarm water, shake and ready. Experiment what should be the right amount and strength for you. Use this as a maintenance between washes.
    • Throw it in your swim bag.
    • Leave-in product. If you have very dry curls, leave the Moisturiser in your hair, so do not rinse out.
    • Conditioner. After washing with the Cleanser, apply the Moisturiser and rinse out. You do this when your curls are healthy or a tad dry.

    I'm going on holiday and I'm taking

    • A silk or satin scarf to protect your curls from the sun. Not a cotton scarf as it takes the essential moisture out of your curls
    • Cleanser without sulphates!
    • Moisturiser
    • Curl definer
    • Our little nebuliser filled with the self-made product (if you're flying, fill it at your holiday destination, it saves us some much-needed weight).
    • Don't forget your pillowcase (satin/silk)
    • The ribbed rubber bands without metal, of course
    • Hydrofield towel

    Curl routine for holidays : these are all tips. Try out what works for you.

    A simple holiday hair routine can look like this:

    • Wash your hair as little as possible. You can wash them with just the Moisturiser; this will keep your hair more manageable, do rinse! Use the Cleanser (shampoo) only if a lot of hair products have accumulated on your head that you cannot remove with the Moisturiser. Foam, gel and hairspray often cause build-up. It is therefore recommended to use a little shampoo with sulphates once every 14 to 21 days.
    • After washing, dry your hair with a hydrofoil towel or an old cotton t-shirt. These cloths won't damage your curls. Wrap the cloth around your hair and gently pat it dry or crunch your curls dry. Again, saves on drying time.
    • Take your silk/satin pillowcase with you. This will prevent your hair from breaking off, becoming dry and frizzy.
    • In the morning, you can choose to spray in some of the self-made product and then possibly crunch some Curl Crème into your curls.
    • Every evening before going to bed, wet your hair again a tiny bit and apply some Moisturiser.
    • Then - depending on the length of your hair - you can make a pineapple on your head. Don't tie it too tightly.
    • At the beach or after swimming, spray the self-made product into your hair.
    • Try leaving your blow-dryer or curling brush at home and give your curls a break.

    Sun! Protect your curls

    Protect your curls from the sun with a scarf, cap, hat or bandana. Buy a nice straw hat at a cosy local market, which makes a great holiday souvenir.

    If you prefer not to wear anything on your head, apply Curl Crème to your curls. This comes with a UV FILTER.


    Chlorine and salt water can damage your hair if it stays in your curlies for too long after swimming. Of course, wearing a swim cap is the best way to avoid damaging your curls but yes, of course we don't. If you don't feel up to this, you can also do the following: Wet your curls well in the morning before swimming and then apply a little Moisturiser to your hair. This forms a kind of barrier against chlorine and salt water. Rinse your hair with plenty of water as soon as you're done swimming, grab the diffuser and spray!

    As soon as you have the opportunity to do so, you can wash your hair with a little shampoo, obviously only your scalp and rinse well so as not to leave a greasy film.

    Stress-free on holiday with your curls

    If you're going on holiday, then as far as Curls Control is concerned, you don't need to get your hands in your curls.

    Once again: It is important to protect your curls from salt, chlorine and the sun. Keep your curls moisturised. Wear your hair in a different way, one that takes you little time; the pineapple, for example.

    Have a great holiday!

    Ooooo one more valuable TIP:

    You don't always have to reapply products to your curls when it gets slightly frizzy again. As the moisture in your curls evaporates, the product remains in your hair. Activate the product with the atomiser. Crunch or give a twirl to your curls. Then stay away from your curls, let them air dry or use the diffuser on lukewarm to cold setting.

    P.s. did you know that these days we also have a small version of the total package. This consists of a Moisturiser, Curl Crème and a Cleanser all of 75 ml. Perfect for holidays.

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