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    Curly shampoo

    Do you want to give your curls the best care there is? And have you tried many different hair products? Curls Control's unique curly shampoo will help you get the best out of your curls. It is sulphate-free and specially developed to thoroughly cleanse natural curls. So you create the perfect base for a beautiful end result. Our sulphate-free shampoo restores pH levels and prevents drying. It is also gentle on your hair and skin. So you reduce dandruff, eczema, flakes and create a calm scalp. Your curly hair has a unique structure and deserves the best care. The right curly shampoo is therefore very important! Curious about our specially developed shampoo for curls? Then read on.

    Unique curly shampoo from Curls Control

    For the best curly shampoo, turn to Curls Control. We have created a unique product line to provide you with the finest products. All our hair products are built from deep cleansing and conditioning ingredients. A high-quality shampoo will leave you without frizzy or greasy curls. It creates the perfect foundation for your hair's care process. Have you treated your hair with our curly shampoo? Then use our other care products as well. We have also developed three unique products that are perfectly matched. These have a perfect balance of protein and nourishing ingredients to give your curls the right care. Our curly shampoo is sulphate-free and contains various cleansing ingredients to thoroughly cleanse your curly hair.

    Which curly shampoo is available?

    The curly shampoo in our webshop is for every type of curl. Our 250ml Clarifying shampoo is designed to remove build-up from the scalp. It provides the perfect refreshing and deeply cleansing wash. The Clarifying shampoo is sulphate-free and contains the deep cleansing ingredient Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate. This is extracted naturally from coconut and has a very powerful effect. It is therefore an excellent product to loosen build-up, after which it can easily be rinsed off. To prevent your curls from becoming dry, we recommend using the shampoo once every few weeks.

    We have also developed a sulphate-free Silver shampoo. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair and protects the natural moisture and grease balance of your scalp. The Silver shampoo is rich in green tea extracts, is 100% vegan and sulphate-free. A main ingredient in the Silver shampoo is blueberry, giving it a purple pigment. Use the shampoo to reduce a yellowish glow from your hair and retain your beautiful colour. The foaming Silver shampoo for curls is therefore highly recommended. 

    Order curly shampoo at Curls Control

    Our curly shampoo and other hair products are available via our webshop, at over 350 retail outlets and at our CC1 hair salon in Velp . Order your products on working days before 16:30 and they will be shipped the same day. This way, you will never run out and can optimally clean and care for your beautiful curls. With our curl shampoo and other care products you will let your curls shine again.