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    01 / Jun / 2023

    Moisture balance

    Moisture balance is essential for your curls, but why?

    Moisture balance in curly hair, why is this so important?

    Fluffy, exploding curls, we're bummed about them right?

    Moisturising is the key word to take control of our curls. But how do we do that, create moisture balance? Curly hair has a different structure than "regular" straight hair, and maintaining the right moisture balance is crucial to create healthy, resilient curls.

    We'd like to discuss with you why moisture balance is so important for curly hair. In addition, we provide some tips for maintaining the right moisture balance.

    Why is moisture balance important for curly hair?

    Curly hair naturally has more porosity than straight hair. This is because curly hair has a very different structure from "regular" straight hair.
    This also means that the hair cuticles of curly hair are more open, allowing moisture to escape in and out of the hair more easily. This can lead to an unbalanced moisture balance, which can result in dry, brittle, frizzy and stretched curls. Curls that don't curl but really want to. We actually also always say, in the shower your curls don't frizz either! So frizz your curls, you are missing the moisture balance and proper care.

    The right moisture balance in your hair ensures that it stays healthy and retains its natural resilience. The moisture in your curls helps reduce frizz and improve shine. If you don't monitor the moisture balance of your curls properly, it can lead to damaged hair that breaks easily and looks dull. Of course, moisture alone is not enough, moisturising with good ingredients in nutrition/care is essential.

    Did you know that:

    • +/- 80% of our curls are made up of moisture?
    • And that it is not at all strange that when the sun shines or the heating is on, the moisture disappears from your curls?
    • The nice thing is that you can take the diffuser to create a moisture balance again because the products are obviously still in your curls.

    Tips for creating the right moisture balance:

    How do you create moisture balance in your curls?
    After washing your scalp properly and carefully with a mild cleanser, it is important to bring moisture into your curls. You do this by squeezing your curls, also known as crunching in the curl world. You squeeze your curls and add moisture until you hear a soppy sound from the moisture but...the moisture no longer drips out of your curls. Realise that now you have created a nice moisture balance, there is room for the moisturiser again. If your hair is soaking wet, the moisturiser can no longer get in and you won't create any balance at all. After achieving a good moisture balance, the foundation is set to start caring for your curls with the Curls Control product line.

    All four products are coordinated in terms of protein, nourishing oils and caring ingredients. Use a moisturising shampoo, a good shampoo is sulphate-free and features hydrolised wheat proteins. Wheat proteins = grain and grains retain moisture.

    1. Using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for curly hair can help maintain moisture balance in the hair. Our products are rich in moisturising ingredients such as Aloe-Vera, Jojoba oil and Argan oil, among others.
    2. Make use of leave-in product, always very nice. Based on the porosity of your hair, decide whether to rinse it out, half-rinse it out or leave it in your curls.
    3. If you use the moisturiser as a leave-in, it helps tremendously in maintaining the moisture balance of curly hair. The leave-in is not rinsed out and this allows it to add moisture to the hair throughout the day. Less is more, remember this well. If you use too much product, it will weigh down your curls and make them feel greasy.
    4. Don't use a cotton towel, it removes both moisture and products from your curls. Besides, rough cotton has an abrasive effect.
    5. Use a deep conditioning mask regularly; moisturiser gives you this option.
    6. Limit the use of heat tools.
    7. Protect hair from the sun. UV radiation can dry out hair and disrupt its moisture balance. Wear a hat or scarf when in the sun, or use a styling product with UV protection.

    Maintaining proper moisture balance is essential for healthy curly hair. By choosing moisturising products, regularly massaging your curls with moisturiser, crunching good moisture into your curls and protecting hair from heat and UV rays, you can create good moisture balance in your hair.

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