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    Curly tools

    Do you have a beautiful bunch of curls? It can be very tricky to get your curly locks in perfect shape. After taking thorough care with the right shampoo, conditioner, cream and definer, you obviously want these to last. Luckily, curly tools offer the indispensable solution to get your hair into beautiful shape, without the hassle of frizzy hair. With these great tools, you can maintain beautiful curls and style them the way you want. Curious about our curly tools? Discover our range on this page.

    Why reliable curly tools?

    There are many different types of styling tools. But why choose unique curly tools? It has everything to do with the unique structure of your locks. Curls consist of 80% moisture and have natural and unique structure. If you don't take this into account, your hair can quickly become frizzy and even damaged.

    A unique approach is therefore essential. Of course, you also want your special hair care products to keep working properly without removing them when styling. Only with the best curly tools will you style your beautiful curls safely and efficiently, resulting in healthy and radiant-looking curls. So invest in quality tools and feel the difference yourself!

    Choice of various curly tools

    Your curls deserve a unique treatment. That is why all our curly tools are carefully selected. Are you curious which reliable hair tools you can buy at Curls Control? We highlight a few for you.

    • Hydrophilic towel: Our hydrophilic towel is not just another towel. It is super absorbent and breathable. The material consists of 100% uniquely woven cotton and is true A-quality. This ensures that only moisture is absorbed from your hair, and all your hair care products stay put. This way, your hair dries quickly, prevents frizz and benefits from the effects of your unique hair products.
    • Atomiser: at the push of a button on the handy atomiser, you gradually distribute water over your hair. And that for a few seconds. This reduces frizz and freshens up your hair between washes. Do you do this with a self-made product, from our Moisturiser and hot and lukewarm water? Then give your hair the nourishment and care it needs to reduce frizz. The diffuser is available in small (200ml) and large versions (300ml).
    • Diffuser: Thanks to the 9 fingers of the ultimate diffuser head with extension, you effortlessly create beautiful curls with extra bounce. These fingers hold your curls firmly while drying your hair. The deep cavity is perfect for shaping your curls. Thanks to the integrated blow tips, it dries your hair optimally. A must-have for the perfect curl!

    Order curly tools at Curls Control

    Complete your curling routine with the high-quality curly tools from Curls Control. Our tools are specially designed to style your curls effectively and responsibly. From unique hair care products to various curly hair tools, we have everything you need to make your curls shine. So choose Curls Control. Do you order your products on working days before 16:30? Then we will ship your favourite curly tools today. Give your curls the love and care they deserve.