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    About Curls Control

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    The story of Curls Control

    If the perfect product doesn't exist, why not make it yourself?

    We know better than anyone what it's like to spend years trying product after product and feeling the frustration when a product just doesn't deliver the desired results. Because there was no product line that we could fully support to use during our CC1 curl cutting training that we provide to hairstylists in our training center Curls & More, we decided to develop the perfect products ourselves.

    Many products contain ingredients that are not suitable for curly hair. Think of parabens, sulfates, drying alcohols or silicones. Moreover, we do not want products flown in with environmentally unfriendly packaging. Contributing to the environment is important to us. In addition, the products should be easy to use so you don't need a closet full of products to get "exploded" curls groomed, bouncy, and under control.

    What's important to us:

    • The ingredients are high professional quality and provide your curls with what they need to achieve optimal results.
    • Many of the ingredients are organic and vegan.
    • Our tubes are made 100% from the residual product of the sugarcane plant. How cool is this! A more eco-friendly alternative to plastic tubes.
    • The products of Curls Control are developed and produced in the Netherlands/Belgium. Of course we are very proud of this. We like short lines between producer, hairstylists and our curl customers.
    • And last but not least, we were able to realize that only four products can create the perfect balance for your curls. All products are perfectly matched.

    Our Mission

    We want our curl customers to learn to understand and care for their curls in order to get the most out of their curls, regardless of curl type. Every curl deserves to be well cared for and shine.

    The team

    Meanwhile, Curls Control has become an indispensable brand in the curl world. Everyone who uses it is amazed by how well the products work. Behind the brand, of course, a whole team is ready for you. A team of several qualified hairstylists and committed office and marketing staff who would like to support and advise you in every possible way. They do this by means of an extensive instruction manual in the form of a flyer, tutorials on the website, posts on social media and newsletters, among other things. Also, the Curls Control customer service department is always available for questions by email, WhatsApp, phone and Messenger.

    Certified stylists

    In addition to being a manufacturer and supplier of the professional curl product Curls Control, we provide training for hairstylists. After completing the training, hairstylists master the professional CC1 curl cutting technique and know everything about curls and the operation of the Curls Control products to bring your curls perfectly under control. The stylists apply the technique and products in their own salon. So there is always a salon near you where you can entrust your curls to.