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  • Hydrophilic towel (110x110cm)
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    Curls Control Hydrophilic towel (110x110cm)

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    Hydrophilic cloth made from 100% organic cotton. Due to the properties of the material, only moisture is absorbed from the hair and not the products. Indispensable for frizz-free curls.

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    • Ordered before 4:30 p.m. on business days, shipped same day
    • Curls Control = CG Proof
    • 450+ customers rate us with a 9.5

    9.5 / 451 Reviews

    ‘Top products for curly hair! Very nice instructions for use with them, and all help via e-mail or social media. I don't use anything else anymore, always good results for days.’

    Product description

    This hydrophilic towel has been specifically developed for Curls Control. The towel is made from certified organic cotton. During production, techniques and materials that have a low impact on the environment are being used. 91% less water and 62% less energy are used than in the production of conventional cotton. The cotton is grown without the use of pesticides/fertilizer and spun without the addition of chemicals. This prevents the soil from becoming exhausted and the soil can be used for multiple crops. Moreover, the cotton is picked by hand and the seeds are pure and thus not processed.

    The material of this Curls Control hydrophilic towel ensures that the towel will remove moisture from your hair, but will not absorb the product. This means your hair dries faster, you retain the effects of the previously applied products and there is no frizz. You can dry your hair with the hydrophilic towel by gently dabbing or crunching wet hair. The towel is also suitable for plopping.

    Advantages hydrophilic towel

    • Ideal size (110x110cm);
    • super absorbent;
    • 100% separately woven cotton that only removes moisture from the curls;
    • washable at 60 degrees;
    • may be tumble dried;
    • breathable material;
    • lasts for years to come;
    • only gets softer with use.

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    • 5 / 5 Angelique van Nistelrooij 16-05-2024 08:17

      Fijn je haren mee te drogen

    • 5 / 5 Annemiek Verstappen 25-12-2023 11:57

      Heerlijk zachte doek, fijn groot formaat. Ideaal voor ploppen, verkort de droogtijd aanzienlijk. Haalt alleen overtollig vocht weg, maar producten die in het haar gebruikt zijn blijven fijn erin.

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