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    Blow-drying curls with diffuser

    Looking for an effective way to dry your curls? Discover the secret to beautifully dried curls with the right diffuser! A suitable hairdryer diffuser is a super handy tool to dry, style, curl and create volume on your locks. No more hassle with endless blow-drying and unpredictable results. With the right diffuser, dry your curls with stylish and breathtaking results. Enjoy voluminous and frizz-free hair? Choose to blow-dry your curls with our diffuser.

    Special hairdryer with diffuser for curls

    A special curly hair dryer is tailored to the unique needs of your curly hair. Curls consist of 80% moisture and can quickly become dry and frizzy with the wrong care. Perhaps you've noticed this yourself? With the right diffuser attachment, that's a thing of the past! That, of course, is what you want to achieve after your care with the best hair products.

    Our diffuser is designed to preserve the natural curl shape and reduce frizz. Its deep hollow and 9 'fingers' allow you to create big volume and define beautifully shaped curls. This way, every curl comes into its own. Dry with the right heat and speed settings for best results. This way, you will enjoy beautifully styled and resilient curls with the best diffuser.

    Advantages curl drying with diffuser

    The specially designed diffuser head for your hairdryer is versatile and geared to the structure of curly hair. Do you attach it to your hairdryer? Then you'll enjoy beautiful results and real user-friendliness. Here's why:

    • The diffuser head fits virtually any hairdryer with a straight extension piece to fit it on.
    • Regardless of the texture, thickness or length of your hair, the diffuser is suitable for all curlies and curl types.
    • The deep hollowing of the head ensures that your curls fall in perfectly from your locks drying evenly.
    • The long pins of the diffuser hold your curls firmly, keeping them nicely in shape while drying.
    • Thanks to the diffuser's blow tips, the scalp is also blown dry.
    • Easy to use and results-oriented for beautiful, voluminous curls.

    Practical tips for blow-drying curls with diffuser

    Do you want to enjoy voluminous and perfectly curled locks in addition to drying? We would like to give you some practical tips to create the best results with the diffuser. While blow-drying, pay attention to the following points:

    • Set the hairdryer on a low heat setting to avoid damage and frizz.
    • Place your curls in the head and push the hairdryer towards your scalp. Then hold this for 10-20 seconds. Do this from all sides for extra volume.
    • Is your hair completely dry? Then crunch the hard cast out of your curls. You do this by tilting your head forward and using a comb or your hands to separate slightly. This is how you create extra volume. Make sure your hair is completely dry! Do you do this anyway? Then you disrupt the process and create frizz.

    Blow-dry your curls with a diffuser? Order at Curls Control

    Our CC1-certified hair stylists work with Curls Control's diffuser head on a daily basis. They experience first-hand how user-friendly and effective this product is. Would you also like to enjoy a professional hair dryer for your curls? Then don't wait any longer and order the diffuser head easily and safely at Curls Control. Do you place your order today before 16:30? Then we will ship it today! You can also visit one of our points of sale for our products. Let your curls shine and experience the difference with the specially designed diffuser. Choose the quality and expertise that our hair stylists experience every day and let your curls shine like never before.